I cry when my dynamic process is misunderstood.

I love to dance when no one is looking.

So, at the age of 57, this blog is the beginning of my cathartic process. Eventually, I would like this site to be a place for reflection – applauding those talented, quiet comrades who possess creative vision and need help making it happen. I am interested in celelebrating and guiding process.

When I am not engaging my artistic side, I work as an Instructional Assistant for an elementary school. I hold a special place for those young students who’ve been branded as shy and difficult to figure out: the creative and misunderstood. I strive to  help them learn how to recognize their inner strength. Teaching them how to discover their unique process for learning, participating and knowing.

I feel we must learn to challenge our status quo. Fearlessly making the effort to be seen – before we are heard.


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